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Total Control

As the Press Release Manager user you will have total control of where and when you can create, edit and manage your press releases. This can happen from any location around the world all you need is an internet connection. Simply log-on and send.

Press Releases can be embargoed for specific dates and times, resent to new subscribers, emailed to specific E-mail addresses or copied and then sent to new lists and clients - without the original recipientís receiving a duplicate E-mail.

Customer Focused Press Releases

Press Releases sent on behalf of a corporate client can be designed to reflect their look and feel. Therefore if you have 20 clients all wishing to distribute Press Releases to their individual mailing lists, each and every one of them can be customised to their own look and feel.

E-Mail Tracking and Reporting

Letting your client know how well their campaign is going is absolutely vital and that is why we have made sure all releases can be tracked accordingly. Every Press Release is electronically tracked and provides the client with a report of how many have been sent, the date of distribution and the time. It also gives feedback on how many have been opened by the recipients and links clicked on. The system will also notify our administrators of how many Press Releases were returned due to delivery issues. This can then be looked at ensuring your distribution list has maximum reach. Thanks to domain verification and signing bypasses most SPAM filters wonít be a problem.

Multiple Mailing Lists and Clients

In todayís busy society multi-tasking is the future. With our simple system you can manage subscribers across multiple mailing lists, send a Press Release to one or more mailing lists and export mailing lists to CSV format.

You can also manage multiple clients and clientís accounts all of which can have bespoke branded templates. Subscribers can opt-out of further Press Releases on a client-by-client basis.

Convenient Formatting

Press Releases can be sent using both rich format (text and images) and plain text formats. The optimised E-Mail format means images and files are not embedded in the e-mail but can be downloaded, hence decreasing file sizes and assisting delivery.

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